Anything but Ordinary

If you love jewelry, walking into Gold-Art Studio is a dream come true. The bright space boasts pedestal cases filled with handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces that are so beautiful you want them all. Everything is made on site at this amazing family business founded in 1977 by Mark Rozanski.

Together with his wife and daughter, they create beautiful jewelry infused with talent, passion and creativity. They are also committed to the highest ethical standards and use only conflict-free goods in their work.

Upon my arrival, I was warmly greeted and toured the showroom with big eyes. We sat down and talked through my needs. I presented my sketches and explained what I wanted made. It was important that artisans who put pride, heart and soul into what they do create our pieces. I was in the right place.

Mark and his team agreed to make our signature items. Each piece was individually cast, assembled and finished by hand. It was exciting to be part of the process from initial rendering to the wax models, seeing the individual parts separate and then finally assembled into our limited edition bracelet and scarf charms.

Working with Gold-Art is a meaningful and joyful experience. We couldn’t have found a better partner to bring our Paisley & Heart signature accessories to life.