Be Your Beautiful

When you wear Paisley & Heart I want you to feel confident and positive as you “Be Your Beautiful”. This is my mantra. This is what it means to me and an aspirational wish for everyone.

Be comfortable in your own skin
Walk confidently wherever you go
Embrace individual differences
Focus on positive energy
Face pain and challenges with resolve
Own your strengths and weaknesses
Make resilience a personal pledge
Connect with people and things that inspire
Celebrate achievements big and small
Never give up the desire to try
Let no one else define you
Choose kindness, laughter and love
Stay grateful for the good times
Be happy that you’re one of a kind
Believe in yourself
It’s not always easy but absolutely worth it

I am a woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend and entrepreneur. I see beauty in simplicity, meaningful symbols and personal connection. While raising a family and working in the corporate world I never gave up the desire to make beautiful things. Paisley & Heart is my creative purpose. I have loved fashion and design as long as I can remember and have deep appreciation for quality craftsmanship and timeless accessories that look fabulous whenever worn.

Dedicated to my daughter Robin. I am inspired by your ‘beautiful’ every day.