Founding Paisley & Heart is my creative calling. I wanted to make beautiful things; scarves that deliver timeless beauty and happiness when worn. This collection was created with caring positive energy, the highest quality silks, cashmere and wool incorporating design icons representing strength, love and good fortune.

This love of creative expression started early in life. My grandmother was my role model. I was in awe of the care she took with everything she did, and everything she touched had its own special quality. I have several of her treasured vintage accessories and feel joyful and polished when I wear them today.

Paisley & Heart scarves are made in a heritage company in Lyon, France with the all the qualities I value. It is a privilege to have met and work with André Claude Canova. CANOVA has collaborated with luxury giants for over 40 years. Described as “An impression hunter and an emotion collector, CANOVA awakens the imagination – weavers of emotional links between materiality and dreams -- inviting each client to dare to be exceptional.”

When you choose Paisley & Heart, your scarf has been created with care, love, the best materials and commitment to the convergence of fashion and art.