Love at First Scarf

My first premium scarf was Hermès, and a surprise gift from a loved one years ago. It ignited an awe for quality silk and created a lasting love mark. It is as beautiful today as when I received it. I have since collected fine scarves, big luxury brands to independent designers from all over the world. I am drawn to fashion and art executed with pride in craftsmanship. With my passion and design background, I dreamed of creating my own collection when the time was right. That time arrived.

When I founded Paisley & Heart, I made a commitment to design and create luxurious scarves, ones that would stand the test of time, look and feel absolutely amazing when worn. I wanted meaningful design, the finest silk, the richest colors and detailed finishing. I went to Lyon, home to artists, luxury designers and printers with a world-renowned silk-screening heritage, and couldn’t be happier with the results. Each design within the collection features icons representing strength, love and good fortune. Every scarf is made with positive energy, emotion and inspiration, rich in color and fine in detail.

Fun fact: the hand-rolled edge of a silk scarf made in France is rolled towards the front side of the scarf. Scarves made in Italy most often roll towards the back side of the scarf.

Wearing a well-made garment always feels good. You can go confidently on to whatever you are doing with polish. Quality accessories can transform a look in so many ways for years, and be worn at many memory-making events. I gravitate to scarves, handbags and jewelry pieces that inspire me with pattern, sentimental symbols, and lasting materials. I’d rather have fewer pieces that deliver longer term value and joy when used. Over time that has proven a good choice.

Beauty is timeless. Style is personal. Wear what makes you feel good, your way. For me, a good lipstick and a great scarf are essentials.